Great SEO Content rules for Calgary Businesses

by MacKenzie Brown on

So you created some killer content using that any SEO expert in Calgary would be proud of. You just know that once you put it up, it is going to be a huge hit. However, instead of getting thousands of hits and dozens of high authority links, your killer content just ends up sitting there collecting dust like an forgotten board game tucked away in the closet. This, sadly, is a very common problem out there. Killer Content that deserves attention gets ignored simply because its creator failed to follow a few simple rules that helps turn good SEO content into great SEO content.

It All Starts with a Title
You cannot judge a book by its cover; however, people and search engines tend to judge an article by its headline. You can have the best SEO Content in Calgary, yet if you have a bad title; it is going to go nowhere. In order to please the Search Engines, you need to include your important keywords in your title.  In order to get people to click on your content, you also need to make the title browser friendly. This is an online article, not a thesis, so make the title brief and easy to understand. Also, it is important to make it interesting, yet do not promise anything in your title that you cannot deliver in your content.

Know Your Target Audience
The article that you wrote could be your magna opus, but if is not relatable to your target audience you might as well put it in the same desk drawer that you keep you unfinished novel in.  First, do some research and try to discover the type of content your target audience is looking for. Comments and reviews are a great place to start and looking on another highly ranked site can also give you some great ideas.

Let Your People Know
Before you publish, make sure that your people know to check out your new post. Get in touch with your other business contacts via email and instant messaging, letting them know you are about to go live. Once you go live, be sure to share the link on your businesses various social networking sites.

Timing is a heavily underrated SEO Strategy Calgary businesses need to know about. Be sure to publish your content at time when it is guaranteed to get the most views and shares. For example, if your article is targeted towards business people, publish it during business hours and not on the weekends when your target audience is more apt to be barbequing than checking out their blackberries.

Sure, it is great SEO Content, too bad your Calgary business site is ranked on the fourth page. That is why you turn it into a guest post on a more influential site. While it might sting a bit to turn something you wrote over to another, more popular site, this is really a great move in a longitudinal sense. The high traffic on the other site increases the chances of your content being read which will then lead to more links to your site and gain you more of a reputation as an authority in your particular industry.