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Visitor Analysis, Analytics and Measuring Return on Internet Marketing Investment

SkySpark uses advanced web tracking softwares and analytics to gather a number of key metrics for website visitor reports. Generating reports and analyzing the characteristics of a company’s existing web traffic, how visitors use your site and which pages they spend the most time on is critical to understanding and improving results .

Monitors & improves your website visitor statistics!

Where do visitors find my site?Some questions you may have about your website include:

  • How long to they stay on the site?
  • Which pages do your web visitors spend the most time on?
  • Where do web visitors come from (links? Search engines?)
  • Are they unique visitors or returning visitors?
  • Which regions and cities are your web visitors from? 

How do you compare with your competition?

  • How much web traffic do your competitors sites have?
  • What are your competitors SEO rankings?
  • What links have competitors built
  • What are the most competitive and targeted keywords in your industry

SkySpark provides ongoing tracking and analysis reports so you know where you shine and what areas need improving!

Every business must monitor marketing results to hone in on the most effective strategies and do more of what works and brings in sales and profits! SkySpark specializes in tracking web visitors, and web conversions to determine how they contribute to your company’s success and provides detailed, real time and interactive reports.. How many people are currently visiting you website? After a search engine optimization campaign how much has it improved and are new visitors looking to make purchases? This is important information to know SkySpark will help make your online marketing campaign a success.