Organic SEO Services Calgary for Increasing Business Visibility

by MacKenzie Brown on

Content is key when it comes to finding ways to improve your businesses organic online visibility. However, not just any content will do. Simply throwing up any content might get you on page 9 or 10, but creating good content using natural SEO techniques, Calgary businesses can put themselves on top of the search engine heap, assuring a steady stream of new traffic and potential customers. Coming up with all this killer content can be hard, even painful, unless, of course, you some of the same tricks that organic SEO services in Calgary use to get their clients noticed.

Here are some SEO Techniques Calgary businesses can use to increase organic search engine visibility…

Indirect Content
While it is important to get that industry keyword related content out there, but sometimes it pays to think outside of the typical search engine optimization box by including content that is indirectly related to your business. For example, a hotel in Calgary might want to include articles about events taking place in the city. This way, travelers looking for what might be going on in the city during their visit might end up reading your article and then finding out about your hotel.

FAQ pages are tried and true SEO techniques Calgary business can use to draw in traffic.  A simple keyword search will bring up the general online queries that people are asking about your particular industry. Gather up all these questions and then create articles and FAQ pages that people can link to in order to find the answers that they are looking for.

An industry related glossary that explains all your businesses unique terminology is another effective SEO tool that Calgary businesses can use to heighten their organic online presence. Be sure to insert your glossary in several different pages of your business site to ensure a better chance of getting ranked for your target keyword terms.

Top Ten Lists
Top Ten lists have been working for Letterman for years and it can also work for your business.  There are multiple industry top ten lists that you can come up with such as “Top Ten SEO Content Providers in Calgary” or the “Top Ten Industry Leaders in Canada”. In fact, creating top ten lists of other companies and sites can also be a great way to get a high quality link to your site.

“How to” Content
If your business sells products or merchandise, it might be a good idea to put up “how to” content on your site. Manuals, Instructions, FAQs, Guides are all great ideas that will improve the SEO quality of your site. Instructional videos are also a great way to increase traffic and help convert traffic into paying customers.