Debunking SEO Myths in Calgary

by MacKenzie Brown on

When it comes to search engine optimization, Calgary web businesses tend to fall prey to the various myths concerning SEO optimization techniques. Since search engines like Google keep their algorithm secrets safer than the recipe for Coca Cola, misconceptions about what works and what does not work for search engine optimization abound. Like all rumors, all it takes for one of these SEO myths to spread like wild fire is one errant blog post.

Here are five myths from the world of Search Engine Marketing that can actually damage your overall page ranking:

1. Toolbar page rank means something
Where you are ranked in Google’s toolbar no longer has any bearing on your actual page rank. Once upon a time in SEO, the higher your site’s toolbar page rank, the more attractive it was to the search engine. This meant if your toolbar page rank was less than 4, you were less likely to attract links from other webmasters. While many search engine optimization companies in Calgary still follow this link building strategy, it has been proven that Toolbar page rank no longer plays a factor in your site’s overall rankings

2. The META Keywords tag boosts your ranking
While it does not do any harm, creating a META keywords tag will also do nothing to increase your sites overall rankings. Google announced they quit using them in their algorithms several years ago. Adding the tag to your site for the sole purpose of Search Engine Optimization is a waste of time for Calgary businesses. META Descriptions are another story. While they also have no affect on your page ranking, these “snippets” of information about your site can help increase your click through rate.

3. Regular search engine submittal is necessary
Trust me, if you are out there, search engines are going to find you. Many SEO firms in Calgary still charge their clients outrageous fees to submit their sites to a search engine multiple times when doing so is free and one time is enough to get you noticed. In fact, your site will probably be indexed even without submittal once you get a few visitors and links.

4. Nofollow backlinks are not worth anything
Once thought to be worthless to overall page ranks, many SEO Calgary professionals are now convinced that nofollow links do play a factor in a Search Engine’s algorithm. The fact that highly regarded sites like Wikipedia use nofollow links is considered proof of this. Also a link is a link and can refer visitors and future customers to your site, making them very valuable indeed regardless if it is nofollow or not.

5. Linking out is bad
In fact linking out is good. While some webmasters consider having too many outgoing links on their site to be detrimental to their page rank, the opposite is actually true. Google likes to rank sites that offer the best user experience, and providing useful links is considered to be very user friendly. This makes out linking very smart search engine optimization for Calgary companies. Also, having no links out whatsoever will definitely hurt your ranking. Just make sure the links you provide do not lead to anything malicious or spammy.