Building Traffic to Your Business Blog

by MacKenzie Brown on

Anyone with an email account can start up a business blog but maintaining a popular blog that utilizes search engine marketing to bring traffic to your business in Calgary is much harder. Whether you are a small business owner trying to tackle web marketing on your own or you are employee working for a larger company with the task of managing their business blog, there are a couple of proactive things which you can so that your content finds an audience.
SEO Web Marketing Calgary Tips:

SEO Friendly Content
Billions of searches are done every day through the use of search engines, the most popular being (say it with me) Google. It is almost foolhardy for you not to optimize your blog in way so that you are able to attract a steady stream from this giant river of online searchers. While some people might see using SEO search marketing tactics for your Calgary based business blog as something that could ruin the quality and creativity of your content, but that is simply not the case. While it can be challenging to include SEO Keyword content into your blog, when done right, it will be even be noticeable. Using basic SEO on-page tactics and techniques such as link building, you can steadily build up traffic levels and get your content on more computer screens.

Join Target Communities
Whatever your business is, there is probably a community, forum or Facebook page out there where your target audience likes to gather and share ideas. By joining these target communities and participating in discussions and forums you help build your reputation and your business’ credibility. For example: a SEO Marketing Calgary business might want to join a forum on web search engine marketing techniques for Calgary based businesses. By joining this sight and sharing content and this business will undoubtedly start getting more people checking out their business blog.

Take it Easy
Also, while you might be tempted to immediately go into a sales pitch talking about how great your SEO Calgary based company is, it is better to ease yourself into the community and provide other members with quality content and advice. Eventually, your new community will go to your site freely to find out what other great stuff you have to offer.

Find Friends Who Like to Share
Once you join your target communities, look for users who are active in social media or have blogs of their own. These people are more likely to share the content that you provide and provide more links to your business blog. Just make sure that you provide quality content that these power users are going to be willing to share.

Social Networking
Facebook is not going to go away and neither are Google+, LinkedIn or Twitter. In order to take advantage of the new era of search engine marketing and keep your Calgary Business Blog relevant it is imperative that you have profile on all of these social networking sites. Be sure to fill out your profile completely so people know what you are all about. Also, follow the big players in your industry and share content and queries on a regular basis. Interacting in these social media circles is a sure way to build trust and credibility.

If you write a post and it refers to an earlier post on, be sure to provide a link to the older post in your new one. This will not only provide your readers with a more valuable content, it will also give your older posts new life in the search engines.

Relevant comments are golden in the eyes of search engines. If someone comments on your post, be sure to comment back to answer in queries and do not be afraid to provide them with links to other posts that you may have written. Also, be sure to provide relevant comment to other industry bloggers that you follow. These comments allow you the opportunity to provide links to your own site, which equals more traffic portals to your own blog. Commenting, or even a Guest Article on other sites is another great way to get links out there and increase your search engine presence.