Using Social Media to Gain Credibility for SEO Companies in Calgary

by MacKenzie Brown on

Living up to its name, the web has become increasingly interconnected, especially on the social media front. For businesses in Calgary Social Media Marketing is a great to build a strong web presence and boost online credibility. Anyone can start an “online business” these days, but not all online businesses are treated with the same respect. Customers are becoming increasingly wary about websites that remain static and only seem to be there to collect traffic. Interacting through Social Media is a great way for a business to build credibility and put those who do business with them at ease that they are not taking a big financial risk with some stranger who really knows nothing about the business they are in.

Increase Your Authority
Posting updates on happening in your industry and interacting with users of your site on a daily basis will increase your overall authority in the field. Having your posts be “liked” by other users not only feels good, it also increases the amount of trust users have in you and improves your Search Engine Rankings. When it comes to SEO Calgary businesses can no longer rely on merely having the right keyword count in their articles, they need to be recognized as the authority in their field.

It’s about who you know
While one part of the Social Media Marketing formula for Calgary business is how many people you know, a more important part is who you know. When networking on sites like Twitter or LinkedIn, it is important to link up with the power users in your particular niche. Being in the company of other experts will help boost your own credibility and increase the amount of trust between you and your followers.

Share and Share alike
Social Media is all about sharing content with others. Encouraging your users to share your content with their friends and followers will not only increase your online credibility, it will also make you much more attractive to search engines whose algorithms just love sites whose content is shared. One of the easiest ways for a business in Calgary to encourage sharing is to include sharing options on their websites which allows users to share your content with their other social groups with one simple click.

Personality Counts
Sure you’re a business, but you are people too. Appearing too serious and business oriented on Social Media Calgary sites can actually have a negative impact on your SEO ranking. Social is the keyword in Social Media and appearing overly stiff will have people thinking you are there only there to promote and not to interact with them. People want to do business with other people so do not be afraid to show them that you are indeed a human being.

Share Only the Good Stuff
People do not subscribe to your feeds in order to look at subpar content. Be sure to increase your reputation by sharing only high quality content. Do not feel pressured to share mediocre content just because the creator of the content likes to share your stuff. While it is important to reciprocate, sharing content that is not up to snuff will cause people to start ignoring you.

Share Other’s Content
On the other hand, Social Media Marketing will only work for Calgary companies who are willing to show more than just their own content. The only way to become a respected voice in your niche is to share the best content you can find, even if it comes from your competitor.

Easy Does It
This is a Social Media Website, not a used car lot. Pushy sales tactics are not very social and might drive people away. Be personable, not pushy and let your customers get to know you before you start laying your promotions on them.