Link Potential and SEO in Calgary

by MacKenzie Brown on

One of the toughest aspects of SEO Calgary companies need to figure out is how to build a substainable web of links to their site. A good organic link building campaign takes a ton of hard work, persistence and, most importantly, creativity, in order to keep coming up with unique and effective ways in which to build links.

Here are a number of link building strategies for Search Engine Optimization Calgary Companies can use to help increase their online presence.

Blog Rolls
A blog roll is a widget that a blog can use in order to show readers other sites that are affiliated with their own. Another site’s blog roll might be great place to find other great sites that can become potential link building partners for your Calgary based company. Once you find that first good site on which you can share comments and links on, you can take it a step further by explorer their blogroll for similar sites which might be valuable resources for content and guest posts.

Everybody loves a good top ten list, and for those Calgary companies looking for more internet marketing opportunities, and potential links, these lists are something to look into. For example, if you have a site that sells custom printed shirts, and want to link up with other customer print sites, looking online for lists of the “top ten” custom printing sites might help you find valuable resources in which to link up to in order to increase your own exposure.

Guest Blogging
Guest Blogging is great way to have your voice be heard and build a link to potentially lucrative traffic to your site. There are certain guest blogging communities that you can join that specialize in matching guest posts to the relevant blog. Joining one of these sites can save you time and effort and help jump start your SEO Campaign for your Calgary business. Just be sure to join a blogging community with a good reputation for link building or it might end up impacting your own site in a negative fashion.

Find out what people “like”
Knowing all about the current trends in your niche is vital when it comes to building links and Internet Marketing. One simple and effective way to find out about the next big thing to write about is to check out what other  sites and individuals are currently liking and talking about in the social media circles of Facebook and Twitter. Doing so will give you indicator of what topics you need to be writing about and what sites you should be trying to connect with.  Using tools such as Google trends or Tweet Adder are good strategies for Search Engine Optimization Calgary companies should look into.