Links for SEO in Calgary

by MacKenzie Brown on

Big businesses with popular websites barely have to waggle a finger in order to get their content seen by thousands of people. Every new article that they post and every new product that they introduce is certain to find links thanks to a well established following. For the rest of the Calgary  based  businesses that are still trying to get their toe in the online door, some good old fashioned link building is going to be needed before they can start counting their own internet minions who would willing to help them get some attention and drive traffic to their website.

Here are some link building services Calgary business secrets …

Start Offline
Building links with your offline associates is truly the most organic SEO Services a Calgary business can engage in. Who better to connect to first, than the people who already know and trust you offline? Clients and associates with whom you already had face time with will be more likely to share or add your link than a total stranger would. By connected with them via the various social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Goggle Plus, Linked In) or even simply sending the a link via email, you can quickly establish a small online following that will help increase your overall online exposure.

Free Stuff
Another great link building strategies Calgary Companies can utilize in order to increase their SEO ranking is to host a giveaway or contest on their website. However, the trick to a successful link building campaign is to give away something that is related to your business. For example, an App Design company might want to give away an Android Tablet , since this type of device is related to Apps, while a Ski Equipment company would be better off giving away a ski package. While giving away something popular that has nothing to with your business might help to temporarily increase visits to your site, only a small percentage of the people you attract will actually end up becoming your customers.

Use the Local Press
While it might be easy for companies to dismiss the local press, they are precisely the people you want to connect with in order to attract attention from your local clients. Local journalists are always looking for a good story and love to highlight local businesses. By holding a newsworthy event such as a charity dinner or some other community service, you can get your business in the news which can then translate into more SEO Link Building within Calgary.

Guest Posts
When are first starting out and looking to gain some valuable link juice, a SEO Calgary Company will suggest that you guest post on other popular sites. Guest posting is a great way to build your online reputation and generate very valuable backlinks. Choosing the right relevant sites on which to post will also help you create brand awareness and can also lead to more conversions and sales.

Online Communities
When you are first starting out, the people are not just going to come to you without first knowing a something about you.  You need to go to where your potential online customers are and this means joining an online community in order to find your target audience. Online communities are ideal for Link Building and for Calgary based businesses to gain better SEO ranking, but only if you are an active participant.  Simple showing up and dropping a link to your site and then vanaishing is not a great way to build trust with an online community. You need to put some time into the site, participating in forums and answering questions. This way, you will build trust with your audience and also get them to start having more online conversations about your business.