Transform Your E-book into an SEO Machine

by MacKenzie Brown on

One of the best things about e-books is besides being able to earn money from them, you can also transform them into an SEO machine. Simply put, you can create an e-book with links pointing back to your website.

This benefits you in a lot of ways. If your e-book gets shared multiple times, your inbound link also increases. Moreover, you can enjoy an increase in your web traffic.

Nevertheless, there are right ways to optimize your e-book. Here are 5 of the best ones:

1. Use Some Keywords

Since keywords are those that make your e-book viewable in search engines, you should never forget adding the most appropriate ones. If you are finding a hard time knowing what keywords to use, you can always use the various programs including Google Adwords Keywords Suggestion Tool.

Needless to say, never forget to use these keywords in moderation. The last thing you want to happen is for your readers to think you are actually spamming in your own book. Better yet, use a variety of related keywords.

2. Add Your Internal Links in the Pages

Instead of promoting other links, why don’t you use yours? You may want to include in your e-book links that point to some of your web pages, such as your blog. Besides being able to boost your search engine ranking, you can also increase your traffic considerably.

3. Create a Smashing Title

Though it is necessary for your keyword to appear on the title, it is also equally fundamental to come up with a really good e-book title. Whether you like it or not, people are going to initially judge your e-book based on what they see first, which is the title. If they do not like it, you can’t force them to download your e-book and give its internal content a try.

Since titles are very important, take time in creating one. It is advisable to come up with a variety of suggested titles. Ask your friends and family, even e-book experts, to evaluate them. Let them choose which ones they like. You do not have to follow their recommendations, but at least you will have an idea what will possibly work.

4. Make Sure Your Links are Working

One of the biggest mistakes you will ever do is to publish your e-book with links that lead to nowhere. If you are using a word processor such as Microsoft Word, to create a link, you need to find Hyperlink first, highlight the word, and then add your link. Always test your links too, making sure they do not lead your readers to an error page.

5. Create Quality Content

Please do not create an e-book for the sake of having one. If you want to increase your chances of earning money from it, as well as having it shared to a lot of people, give its content utmost priority. Provide information that isn’t usually shared yet or extremely valuable people are willing to download and or even buy it from you.